Michael DeMicco, M.D.
Michael DeMicco, M.D.

Michael DeMicco, M.D.

Director of Liver Diseases

Dr. Michael DeMicco was born in the Bronx, New York. He moved to California in 1975 following medical school and residency in New York and was awarded a Department of Health, Education, and Welfare grant to train in the GI fellowship at University of California Irvine. At the completion of his fellowship, he joined AGMG Medical Group in 1977. Dr. DeMicco also served as a senior assistant surgeon in the U.S. Public Health Service for six years. He currently serves as the Director of Liver Diseases for AGMG. In that capacity, Dr. DeMicco is highly knowledgeable in the management of all forms of acute and chronic liver disease including the most current Hepatitis B and C therapies.

Dr. DeMicco is married and has two children. He lives in Fountain Valley. His hobbies include jogging, military history, and travel.

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Education and Training:
Colgate University, NY
Medical School:
State University of New York Downstate, NY
Nassau County Medical Center, NY
University of California Irvine, CA
Board Certification:

Internal Medicine
Gastroenterology (FACG)
Addictionology (ABAM)

Clinical Areas of Expertise:

Auto-immune Hepatitis
Abnormal liver function tests
Chronic Liver Disease (cirrhosis)
Colorectal Cancer Screening
Primary Biliary Cholangitis
Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis
Viral Hepatitis (Hepatitis B and C)
Wilson Disease